10 pg double space Education Report on UAE

Write a 10-15 page paper on education in the United Arab Emirates. Attached is a sample paper to use as a guide.


Outline of paper should be as follows:

1. History

2. Types of Educational institutions; higher education, further education

3. Control: public/private/denominational

4. Selectivity; school choice

5. Attainment

6. Curriculum

7. Performance on standardised tests like SATs, TIMMS, PiSA

8. International Comparisons

9. Inequality of educational opportunity according to class origin

10. Gender

11. Ethnicity/migrants

12. Vocational and professional training

13. Special topics: STEM in the country

14. Special topics: IT

15. Major reforms

16. Policy debates/ salience of education

description 10 pages, Double Spacing

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