15 Minutes Professional presentation with graphs,

Assignment: 15 Minutes Professional presentation with graphs, tables, pictures etc and quality APA references. ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS Question: Identify and Analyse the most significant international business environment trends that will affect the ability of MNE leaderships operating in the contemporary world. You must discuss with the Lecturer which of the three countries your project will examine and gain approval for this choice. Requirement of the presentation. The countries we have chosen to look at are the United States, Germany, and Australia. We shall focus on the financial Service Sector. We have selected JP Morgan Chase as our target multi-national. Our project will mainly focus on the most significant business environment trends including the environment, technology, demography, political environment, geopolitics, and globalization. We intend to establish how the above-mentioned trends will impact on the financial service sector and the company’s leadership in the three countries. We shall look at what are the strategies the company has put in place to tackle the changes in the business environment and the challenges they expect to face in the future. We shall also examine how environmental legislation in Europe, Australia, and the United States will affect profitability and global leadership. The key driver of change in the financial service sector is innovation and technology. The challenge the financial service sector is the rise of fine techs, which have had a huge impact on traditions sources of income for banks. We want to see the impact of innovation in the United States with Companies such as PayPal posing a significant threat to the banking sectors. Peer to peer lending is another trend that is likely to impact on the financial services sector. Our project will identify and analyze trends and how they will impact on JPMorgan and Chase profitability in the future. A recent trend affecting the financial services sector is low-interest rate. In the United State, Australia and Germany, the reserve banks have maintained low-interest rates in recent years. This seems to be a global trend that will affect Multinational Enterprises such as JPMorgan and Chase. Want to identify the strategies the Bank and other players in the industry use to continue playing a lead role in the sector. Demographical change and the rise in generation millennial has seen changes in the consumption of financial services. We want to see how this has impacted the financial services industry. Also, some of these countries are grappling with an aging population and this is likely to have a huge impact on productivity. Finally, we shall finish by looking at how the company is responding to social change and reducing carbon footprint through responsible lending and playing a critical role as a world leader. How environmental protection legislation is affecting business. What risks the company is facing as a result of globalization and geopolitics. 15 Minutes Professional presentation with graphs,

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