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Coursework 3: Business Plan-2,500 words

The coursework 2 that’s based off the business plan is added below.

Basically, I wrote the scrapbook a while back but didn’t have any time to write the business plan that would be based on the scrapbook.

You can use the information from the scrapbook to formulate a cohesive and concise business plan.

(50% of module mark)
To research and convey your business model and idea using a report; your work must convince potential investors. You need to write an individual/paired business plan that contains your business model.  Please feel free to use material from CW1 and CW2.  There is no set format for this but it would normally include:
    Clear objectives, strategy, action programmes and financial projections (CASH FLOW for one year and a clearly worked out break-even calculation and main capital purchases (if applicable) and also clearly identifying sources of finance).
    Clearly describe the product/service and its unique selling proposition (USP)
    A business model canvas
    Justify its uniqueness using a suitable analysis of relevant competition
    A determination of market attractiveness e.g. market size and potential growth through identification of potential customers, market trends
    Your business strategy with a clear route to commercialisation e.g. technical development, licensing of intellectual property and marketing 
    An identification of potential risks and how they will be managed
    A justification of expenditure for equipment and running costs
    A description of key operational requirements e.g. premises, IT and management systems, quality requirements
    A demonstration of the credibility of the management team
    Details of financial rewards and loan requirements from potential investors
    Indicative word count: 2,500 words +/- 5% (does not include appendices).
    The style of the report should make it accessible to business people rather than ‘essay’ style

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