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Urinary System Disorders


    Identify clinical manifestations associated with specific disease processes of the urinary system
    Analyze urinary system disorders across the lifespan

Assignment Overview

In this written assignment, you will describe the clinical manifestations of urinary system disorders.


1.    A completed worksheet

a.    Choose two urinary disorders.

Identify two urinary system disorders that affect people across the lifespan.

b.    Identify sources.

Locate at least one peer-reviewed, evidence-based journal article to use and cite in your response.

c.    Download the handout.

Download the Urinary System Disorders worksheet.

d.    Complete the worksheet.

    In the header row of the table, enter the two disorders you chose.
    In the remaining rows of the table, enter the clinical manifestations and describe both diseases for the indicated lifespan stage.
    Be sure to cite all sources used to complete the worksheet and provide a reference in the format requested by your instructor.

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