Art Appreciation Sociocultural & Formal Analysis

Separate essay into the topics below for the art image attached. 1. Visual Elements & Principles of Design. Using formal terminology name and describe the important visual elements and principles of design that appear in this work. Be sure to describe how these elements and principles function in the work (hint: discuss only form, not the content or subject). Fully cover all the visual elements and principles of design. (2-3 pages) 2. Subject & Content. Briefly describe the subject of this work, and elaborate fully on how you perceive its content. Discuss Themes of Art(that apply) : Art and Community Spirituality and Art Art and the Cycle of Life Art and Science, Art, Illusion and Transformation Art of Political Leaders and Rulers Art, War and Revolution Art of Protest and Social Conscience The Body in Art Identity, Race and Gender in Art Explain how subject, any present iconography, and themes work together to convey that content. (1 page)

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