Assessment task 1:

Application of Quality Management Tools (Individual) Intent: This assignment will assess student’s skills to evaluate an organisations operation and apply the tools covered in the subject to a real-life scenario. Students will be required to review a case, identify a quality management issue, select and apply an appropriate Quality Management analytical tool. Students will also be required to make a recommendation on how the organisation may take corrective action through the use of quality management principles in improving the situation. There are three different case studies for this assignment. I have attached each case studies under the name Case Study 1, Case Study 2 and Case Study 3 and I have given the instructions in each file. I also have uploaded the subject material about leaderships. Total of pages per Case Study : 2 sages for case study 1 1,5 pages for case study 2 4 pages for case study 3 Reference Style : I require you to use Harvard (UTS) referencing style, below is the link of UTS references:

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