Assignment Part 1 (20 marks): Stakeholder Strategy Development

Identify the generic strategy programs available for the four stakeholders of Facebook identified

in Assignment 1. You are to provide recommendations on most suitable strategy approach for

each stakeholder type and discuss implementation.

Assignment Part 2 (20 marks): Portfolio Analysis

You are required to review an organisation case study including statistical information on

business unit performance and current market conditions. You are to conduct a Portfolio

analysis based on BCG matrix, GE-McKinsey matrix, and Synergy matrix. The case study to

be shared among students in week 7.

Assessment Description

Part 1: Stakeholder Strategy Development

A. Generic Strategy Programs

Based on week four workshop discussions, analyse the generic strategy programs

available for each stakeholder type in the context of stakeholder analysis conducted

in assignment 1 for Facebook.

B. Recommended Strategy

Recommend a specific strategic program for each of the four identified stakeholders that are

consistent with one of the generic programs identified in Part 1A.

Page 2 Kaplan Business School Assessment Outline

C. Strategy Implementation

Based on workshop five discussion, analyse different elements of strategy

implementation in the context of recommended strategies identified in Part 1B.

Part B: Portfolio Analysis

A. Business Portfolio Analysis

Based on the case study circulated in week 7, plot each business unit on a BCG matrix,

GE-McKinsey matrix, and Synergy matrix.

B. Business Portfolio Recommendations

Provide recommendations to the organisation for the strategic management of each

business unit with explanations for each recommendat

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