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You are required to complete a project portfolio containing the tasks outlined below. Please bear in mind that your project deliverables must be based on the Monet Holiday Park project brief, and you are writing as REKMARK CONSULTANCY. The report (task 1) will normally focus on the experiences thrown up by the project, how you solved problems, improving practices over the period, or implemented a new process. Portfolio Assignment Task 1 After you have agreed and signed off your learning contract, you are to complete the project and write a project report which must focus on the following. 1. A brief background and context of the project being discussed and analysed; 10% of the task 2. To demonstrate trans-disciplinary models / theories to underpin your analysis; 15% of the task 3. To assess the project phases (preparation and implementation) and evaluate their effectiveness; 15% of the task 4. To discuss the skills that you developed to solve work based problems; 10% of the task 5. To analyse and evaluate the action you did / did not take and why; 20% of the task 6. What learning you took from the project by giving a portfolio of evidence (log books, critical incident diaries and feedback, to be included in the appendices). 30% of the task Total Marks for Assignment: 100 Guidelines Your report must be based on a work related problem / practice / product. A good report will do or contain the following elements: 1. demonstrate the process of experiential learning in the work based project; 2. be well-structured and presented (both report and a learning contract); 3. evidence a range of secondary research using texts, journals, magazines, newspapers, and computer based information sources; 4. analysis; 5. reflect upon the impact of the work based project and work based learning on your future career plans 6. be fully researched and provide references to both organizational data and academic theory, and experience and data arising from the project itself; 7. make explicit reference to relevant theories and relevant market data. 8. your report should be carefully presented; 9. Appendices that give evidence of the experience having happened or other data sets that have been referred to and discussed in the report main body text. Note: Throughout the project you will be taking decision and acting to achieve the project ends. You are expected to be applying theory relevant to you discipline of field of study (that is, what you have been learning on your particular programme) to help you to justify what you do and to evaluate the outcome. You should therefore make sure you are familiar with your particular module handbook and the guidance as to relevant literature and theory contained therein. Alternatively you may discuss this with you tutor as part of the Learning Contract negotiations or during sessions as the project unfolds. End of Assignment Brief

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