-Bell and Smith Chapter 3 and 4 Essays


Write well-developed responses, one page per essay, with support for your points, for the following three essay questions:

  1. What is meant by a “balanced” team? Why is this concept important to the success of the team?
  2. Teams do not fall into appropriate balance automatically. Discuss a few reasons why teams often find themselves out of balances, and what you would do as the leader to get that team back into balance.
  3. As the team’s leader, discuss at least 2-3 ways you would effectively manage a virtual team spread across the globe

Cite a minimum of one reference (other than the Bell & Smith text) per essay question, using the citation to further support and defend your position…

Once again, assignment should be submitted using APA Guidelines…this means you need to supply a Title Page, Abstract and Running Head, along with your references (cite one per essay, other than the Bell & Smith text) being properly cited per APA Guidelines.

-short essay,must use Learning team skills Chapter 3&4Learning team skills Chapter 3&4week 2 ppt-1pg 250-300 words-APA-need reference citation


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