CASE STUDIES (alternative assessment) 500-550 words Word length: Approx. 1000 (max. 1200)

words There are two case studies below with questions. Please see attached paragraphs below. 1. There are two case studies below please outline the issues related to authorship. How should the protagonists in each case be credited? Are the authors or not? Give reasons for your answers. (200 words) 2. Using your chosen case develop a way in which these problems may have been avoided. (200 words) Consult the following to undertake the Case Studies: University of Sydney guidelines on authorship The Australian Universities Responsible Conduct of Research, revised and republished in 2018 The Vancouver Protocol International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Defining the Role of Authors and Contributors. 1- Dr Susan Banana at Spellbound University has a very promising PhD students, Ms Violet Plum. Violet Plum collects a very interesting data set about disadvantaged children in the area. Dr Banana wants to present the data at a conference, writing a paper with her friend and colleague Dr Peachy Melba. She suggests that Violet could be the third author. Violet wants to wait until her PhD is submitted, but Dr Banana believes as the supervisor she is entitled to use the data. AND 2- Cassie is an experienced researcher who drafted the grant bid providing funding for a 3-year ARC project. She carried out all the fieldwork, engaging in planning and some of the analysis collaboratively with the two Investigators before going on maternity leave for 6 months. When she returned she found they had written a paper for publication describing an aspect of the findings but she was not named as an author. When challenged, her colleagues replied that their view was that authorship should primarily reflect contributions to the writing up, and there would be other authorship opportunities for her. (Based upon case found at OR

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