Chace Final Draft

He discusses the decrease of funding, cheating n campus, the urge to succeeds, and the moral offensiveness of cheating, College cost are very high and there is too little financial aid that are available. Tuition cost discourages so many students from apply to a university or college.

President Obama at the latest State of Union Address said “So let me put colleges and universities on notices. If you can’t stop tuition from going up, the funding you get from taxpayers will go down. Higher education can’t be a luxury—it is an economic imperative that every family in America should be able to afford. (CTD. In Chase 165). Chase poses the question “What can they do—amid financial pressure, dwindling public esteem, pre-professional anxieties on the part of their students, and eroded faulty loyalty-?to recover the prestige they once enjoyed? ‘ He continues to write “One answer, I believe, rests in what they can do, and must do, about a large and ugly presence on almost every campus: academic dishonesty.

” (166).

Every student sooner or later will have the task of writing an essay.There are many rule in writing an essay “but the ground rules are not: be clear, employ the rules of logic, and Nintendo, be original” (167). But is there “no such things as originality” (173). Chance argues that everything we write down has been written before but in a different way. That we as a species had endlessly use and reuse, forever recycling the logic and words. Chase argues that student-regulated honor codes are perhaps the only effective way to promote academic honesty and combat a culture in which cheating is increasingly acceptable.A study taken place in 1964 found that 75% of students engaged in some type of cheating/ academic dishonesty.

Behind every cheating there’s a motive; peer pressure, stress, and laziness. Throughout all the cheating some people may get caught while others go untouched, but in a court of law, “cheating at school is “only’ moral and ethical wrong. ” Chase quotes the saying “the only person hurt by cheating is the cheater. ” (169). But in reality it is true, if a student is accused of academic dishonesty there will be facing serious consequences.A fair warning may be one but most of the time students would fail the class or get expelled from the college or university. It is the professors obligation to report if a student is being academically dishonest.

Chase champions the colleges and universities with deeply embedded honor codes.

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