Change Management and Innovation

This final assignment in the course is for a paper that examines organizational change management and innovation in the context of a real or fictious corporation, non-profit entity, or government agency that has achieved or is attempting to implement a form of innovative change across the entire organizational platform. Below is the description of the assignment that is due at the end of the course.

Examples could include;
    identifying and analyzing a corporation that has or is implementing a technological change such as the implementation of an ERP system such as LGs implementation of a HR ERP world-wide system
    identifying and analyzing a non-profit that has or is planning an innovative program for literacy such as the International Literacy Association
    identifying and analyzing a governmental initiative that seeks to reduce global warming such as the efforts of the USAID (United States Agency for International Development).

Your analyses should identify an appropriate change model and consider the ramifications of one or more of the following areas:
    Social Responsibility
    Political differences
    Legal Differences/Similarities
    Intercultural Intelligence
    Technological Advances and Implementation

Include at least 15 references.
APA compliance is required. 

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