Cognitive Psychology And Memory

5. How does cognitive psychology help you to understand memory? How can the accuracy of memory be affected by cognitive and schematic processes? What are some memory strategies that could help students dealing with memory problems or inaccuracies? Try to choose different ones from your classmates.

Here are some strategies that you might want to incorporate into your Discussion post:

Chunking; spaced practice; primacy effects; recency effects; state-dependent learning; context-dependent learning; tip of the tongue phenomenon; elaborative encoding; distributed practice; massed practice, spacing effect; self-reference effect; forgetting curve; overlearning; priming; iconic memory; echoic memory; maintenance rehearsal; retroactive interference; proactive interference; schemas. Note: This list is not exhaustive. Feel free to add other terms and concepts to your plan that are not included on this listing.

6. Describe how the forces of nature and nurture have influenced the development of one of Gardner’s multiple intelligences in your own life. If you had to select a number representing the importance of nature and nurture in shaping this intelligence (1 being the least effect, 10 being the strongest effect), what number would you choose for each one, and why? Be sure to justify your answer with scientific evidence from your reading.

Conclude with a brief discussion about whether or not you believe subjects like art, music, gym, etc. should be emphasized equally with other subjects like reading and math, in order to teach Gardner’s multiple intelligences directly to school-aged children. Why or why not?

7. Describe a specific behavior that you engage in fairly regularly, and discuss how this behavior is controlled by the different lobes of your cerebral cortex, as well as the more primitive parts of your brain. Which hemisphere or half of the brain do you believe was most heavily involved in the processing of this behavior within your brain, and why? Finally, which neurotransmitters do you believe were most active in your brain during the completion of this behavior, and why?

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