Communications: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Paper Research the topic “Emotional Intelligence” and write a two page paper APA style and submit it by the due date/time. After researching the topic, write (type in WORD) about it. Feel free to select whatever sub-topics (topics that fall under your main topic/Emotional Intelligence) you wish to write about as long as you meet the required instructions below you should do well: This paper on Emotional intelligence must be TWO FULL pages. If it’s not TWO FULL pages typed in “MICROSOFT WORD,” you will earn zero points. Type it APA style Type your name and course information on a separate cover page, so that you will not take up room on your REQUIRED two page research paper. Put your references on a separate page as well. 42.5pts spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure,etc. 42.5pts quality of content and following instructions

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