Critique of BP Australia’s CSR Disclosures and Initiatives

Critique of BP Australiaâ€s CSR Disclosures and Initiatives
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Write a research essay analysing and critically evaluating the CSR initiatives and reporting formats of BP Australia. In particular, discuss which theory/s explain the CSR disclosures made by the two sample companies you have chosen. In your response also indicate WHY you believe those theories provide an explanation for the CSR disclosures made by those firms. If you were the CSR director/CEO of these two selected companies, what CSR recommendations/initiatives would you suggest for these companies and WHY? (Hint: consider issues such as human resources, the environment, emissions, land and water usage etc.)

You are required to fully explain your viewpoints and support your decision by academic research papers (at least 3 peer-reviewed academic papers) plus newspaper articles, textbooks and other reliable sources of literature. You can also browse the websites (including annual and any CSR/sustainability reports) for BP Australia.

Note: It is NOT sufficient to merely list down the CSR initiatives of each sample company. Rather, you are required to critique their approach and provide evidence as to why you think the alternate theory/s are appropriate. Also, your arguments MUST be substantially supported by academic literature and other relevant materials to justify your viewpoint.

Please review the attached files below. They are the topics this paper is based on. Also review the marking rubrics to ensure highest possible marks

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