Delivering Transport Infrastructure at the Chapel Pill Garden Community

You have been tasked to offer professional planning advice on the form and layout of transport
infrastructure at the proposed Chapel Pill garden community. Your advice should be presented in
the form of a professional report that should not exceed 3,300 words (3,000 + 10% overlap). You
should submit your report by 2pm on the 16
th January 2020 (via blackboard). A suggested
breakdown for the contents of your report is as follows:
• 500 words: introducing the site and summarising the group’s masterplan;
• 500 words: outlining the policy context for the delivery of transport infrastructure by referring
to both national and local planning policy. Key trends and forecasts surrounding transport
infrastructure should be briefly summarised.
• 1000 words: presenting general proposals for the development of a sustainable transport
system on site, by drawing from current best-practice and relevant case studies. Your proposals
should present initial ideas for the accommodation of the generated traffic. You should also
seek to explain how the group’s masterplan can help to reduce the use of single-occupant car
across the development.
• 1000 words: reflecting on the delivery and implementation issues that might arise with the
transport infrastructure proposed. In outlining these issues, appropriate regard should be given
to both grey and academic forms of literature. You should also draw from your analysis of
comparable sites and proposals. Your commentary should present positive ideas for how
potential delivery and implementation issues can be minimised.
• Work log
Your work must be professionally presented. Text should be supplemented with appropriate maps,
images and tables to reinforce the points being made. Appendices are not permitted, with the only
exception of work log.
You should adopt the UWE Harvard approach to citing and referencing the texts and resources you
choose to use. You should ensure that your ID number appears on all sheets of paper. Text should
be kept as succinct as possible; bulleted text will be appropriate in places. The word count should
be provided on the title page. Please note the following are excluded from the word count:
• Title page
• Contents page / figure list
• References list
• Tables (as long as each one includes less than 250 words).
The feedback sheet and marking grid are included at the end of this brief

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