Demonstrate proficiency in thinking and planning strategically within an organization and all associated stakeholders?

LEARNING OBJECTIVES/CAREER OBJECTIVESa. For Executive MBA. Answer the below four questions!

My current Job Role  Linux System admin in an Information Technology company.

* Manage automated installations of Operating Systems Windows, Linux on GCP & AWS cloud Infrastructure.
* Manage virtualization tools like VMware, vSphere and provisioning virtual machines
* Monitoring CPU, memory, physical disk, hardware and software raid, multi-path, file systems, network on all OS.
* Manage day-to-day problems, patches, user administration, hardware failure, application security issues, monitoring log files, backup, software upgrades, configuration changes and maintain documentation
* Create Tickets in Confluence for low(p3) and high(p0) risk changes in Production hosts.
* Responsible for Creating SOP’s before doing any of major Production changes to eliminate the Risk and have zero Downtime.
* Maintain the data backup and safeguarding it from any hindrances if affected by network integrity, server deployment, and security flaws.
* Tracking the defects status by using JIRA tool by Planning & Resolving the issues.
* Manage New package installations (YUM) and Custom RPM builds.
* Manage the infrastructure using configuration management tools puppet or chef to deploy any configuration changes to any environments on all OS.
* Manage On-Call support related to Major issues like Compute, Network, Applications connectivity to 3rd parties, (NFS), Security controls like firewalls, DNS, LDAP.
* Research and Increase the Cloud computing security by enhancing the IAM security policies and API security.
* Explore and implement the various strategic decisions, competitive analysis, and managerial skills required to support both short-term and long-term organizational goals

For Admission in Executive MBA in cybersecurity.

Please write 3-5 sentences as to how these learning outcomes aligns with your current employment all objectives must be different than each other.

Q1) Demonstrate proficiency in thinking and planning strategically within an organization and all associated stakeholders?

Q2) Effectively demonstrate the ability to communicate through verbal, well-written professional documentation and reports, and other forms of communication to express ideas clearly, logically and persuasively

Q3) Apply necessary leadership skills required for managing change, organizational design and performance, through delegating, empowering and creating an environment that supports life-long learning

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