Examine and discuss the huge challenges we face in the 21st century and consider
how your practice could influence change for a more sustainable and ethical


What are the challenges we face in the 21st century? They are the population, food,
environment, and energy. Then, what is the challenge or question that design or art
will be facing over 20 next years? Sustainable design is the greatest challenge, and it
is also the most intelligent place in nature. In the past two years, environmental issues
have attracted more and more people’s attention. The world is actively promoting
sustainable development, green ecology and low-carbon energy conservation. The
deterioration of the ecological environment caused by traditional commercial
activities’ devouring of the natural environment has challenged the sustainable
survival of human beings. Sustainable design of industrial products and change of
commodity production into sustainable production activities have become the only
way out. This essay will firstly discuss what is sustainable design, and why we need
sustainable design. Then, what is the biggest challenges sustainable design facing in
the 21st century, and how to solve this difficulty. After that, I will provide some
examples to prove my point. Finally, I will write done my manifesto for my future

Sustainable design means “to reduce negative impacts on the environment, and the
health and comfort of building occupants, thereby improving building performance”,
U.S General Services Administration explained, “it is an integrated, holistic approach
that encourages compromise and tradeoffs” (U.S General Services Administration,

What is the biggest challenges sustainable design facing in the 21st century? It is
contemporary people’s consumption view. Consumer society represents the era of
materialized consumption. The concept of disposable consumption affects the pursuit
of the young generation and brings “mainstream” consumer groups. The great
competition of the national economy, the gathering of the regional economy and the
confrontation of big countries resulted in the contradiction between development and
environment. Planned abolishment of the contrast of green design, the new era of
ethics and the market economy of the strong contradiction. In a variety of
contradictions create the responsibility and ethics of designers, wake us to think about
how to implement sustainable design.


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