BUS 302 Management Concepts

Week 1

Part 1
Name two (2) skills or traits that you believe a good manager possesses. Do you think these skills and traits are learned or innate, and why?

Respond To for EXTRA CREDIT, making sure to extend the conversation by asking questions, offering rich ideas, or sharing personal connections:

I have thankfully been able to be an assistant manager which really made my love for business stronger. Skills I possess as a management team member is listening skills and strategy.  When in management I listened to all members of the business on what was working and what wasn’t in order to make the business and employee satisfaction better.  I, also planned ahead, by knowing the business needs and using past information to predict the future.

Part 2
What do you think are three (3) elements that help create a strong company culture consisting of trust and integrity? Next, explain why you believe each of these elements are important.

Part 3
What do you think are your top five (5) strengths? Do you think most companies use their employees strengths well? Why or why not?

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