Empiricism and Speculative Rationalism.

How do we KNOW?

This is the question Epistemology studies and in Western philosophy there are two classic answers – Empiricism and Speculative Rationalism. Please watch the following…

Your first Socratic Method Interview will be to interview a thoughtful person about where they think human knowledge comes from. Use the content above to start the conversation and present different options OR just follow their answers with clarifying questions, if they have different ideas. The best interviews will probably do a little of both.

This is a significant part of your overall grade so please consider it carefully.

Regarding the CHALLENGE phase, you are only required to gently challenge them on one point and then pursue where that leads by listening and clarifying.

You may either submit a 2-3 page summary

Use information off the two attached links to the Youtube videos. (Copy to links to internet browsers)

Sample Solution

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