Explain how your plan incorporates characteristics of an innovator?

1. Have you used any of the treatments described in the Pain Management video series you watched this week on your patients? On yourself? Which of these have you found most effective in pain management? Please describe. 2. Read the following article discussing the connection between childhood trauma, crime, and health. Share your thoughts and opinions on the matter as evidenced in your personal and/or professional life. Have you seen or suspected these correlations? Do you think this is an isolated occurrence? What are your thoughts on the approach to resolution that the doctor and her team have taken? Can you think of other interventions that might be worth pursuing? Share any other articles on the subject that you may have encountered.http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2015/03/10/377566905/a-sheriff-and-a-doctor-team-up-to-map-childhood-trauma3. Change can be a difficult process. However, there are ways that can help reduce the stress caused by a major change. Provide a real-life example of a change that occurred at your work. Was the change effective or ineffective? Why? Utilize a change model to support your response.4. Outline a plan for developing your professionalism as a nurse. Explain how your plan incorporates characteristics of an innovator? How can these characteristics be used to promote you as a leader? What is a research proposal?The purpose of a research proposal is to identify and formulate questions that arise from nursing practice and to design a research project to study the identified problem. The goal of a research proposal is to present and justify a research idea you have and to present the practical ways in which you think this research should be conducted. Research proposals contain extensive literature reviews and must provide persuasive evidence that there is a need for the proposed research study. In addition to providing a rationale for the proposed research, a proposal describes detailed methodology for conducting the research consistent with requirements of the professional or academic field and a statement on anticipated outcomes and/or benefits derived from the study.DirectionsWrite a research proposal using your clinical question formulated earlier in the course that was approved by your instructor. This may be either a qualitative or quantitative research proposal. Your proposal must include APA formatting. The proposal should be a 6–10 in length plus appendices cover page, and reference page. The appendices should include your survey instrument created in week 6. You will be presenting your research proposal in a 6–8 minute recorded presentation in week 8.Introduction Clearly stated problem and purpose of the studyIndependent and dependent variablesDefinition of termsAssumptions, hypothesis, or questions (depending on research type)Theoretical Framework Description of the theoretical framework to be utilizedIdentification of the concepts to be exploredRationale for choosing frameworkReview of the literature At least four scholarly sources includedAppropriateness of the review and the proposal focusInclusion of primary or secondary sourcesMethodology Description of study type (quantitative or qualitative)Description of study designRationale for the use of the selected designInclusion of sample size, type, sampling method, inclusion/exclusion criteria, setting, data collection method (instrument), and data collection processMethod for Protection of Human Subjects (consent)Questionnaire and consent forms must be included as appendicesData AnalysisData analysis method is appropriate for study design.Method of data analysis is clearly stated.Method for displaying findings is stated.Applicability to NursingResearch focuses on a problem significant to nursing.Research would contribute to nursing knowledge.Proposal is complete so that another researcher could replicate the study.Statement about areas of nursing that would benefit from this study.



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