Explain why these concepts are central to contemporary health care.

Explain why these concepts are central to contemporary health care.
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Question 3 500words
3.3 Assessment Task 1: Online Wiki
?Aligned subject learning outcomes
Explain the links between nursing knowledge and experience including the role research plays in nursing practice
Demonstrate the ability to search for and identify current nursing literature and research
Describe how qualitative and quantitative research processes contribute to knowledge growth and influence nursing practice
Explain how evidence impacts on nursing knowledge and practice including how it effects and initiates practice change
?Aligned professional standards/ competencies
Domain: Critical thinking and analysis
Competency 3 Practices within an evidence-based framework Element : 3.1
Identifies the relevance of research to improving group/community health outcomes
Element : 3.2
Uses best-available evidence nursing expertise and respect for the values
and beliefs of individuals /groups in the provision of care
Element: 3.3
Demonstrates analytical skills in accessing and evaluating health information and research evidence
Group or individual
Part A Individual Part B Group
Word length
Part A 500 words Part B 50 words
[word counts 10% below or above the required word limit will be penalised by 10% deduction of the marks available. The word count must be accurately stated at the end of the concluding paragraph. Every printed element between spaces is to be counted including quotations and in-text references (but not including Reference list or Appendices]).
For this piece of assessment you will be allocated into groups of five (5) students with whom you will be required to communicate via your groups specific discussion forum (remember that your colleagues do not all live in the Townsville/Cairns regions and that some may even be residing overseas). As a group you will collaborate to build a Wiki on your groups allocated topic.
This subject teaches you about nursing research and how to use the available evidence as a basis for your nursing practice. This assignment requires you to search for professional literature analyse the content and present the evidence to address a particular topic.
The topic for this assignment relates to Interdisciplinary Team approaches to health care.
A suggested delegation of responsibilities in the group is to split the five (5) pages over the following sub-topics:
1. Define and explain in your own words what is meant by the interdisciplinary team.
2. Define and explain in your own words what is meant by consumer participation.
3. Explain why these concepts are central to contemporary health care.
4. Provide examples of how the concepts of the interdisciplinary team and consumer participation are applied in
5. Identify and describe the professional skills nurses need to work effectively within an interdisciplinary team.
Each of these should be discussed with reference to the current professional literature and best practice guidelines. The word count will be 500 words per individual page and 50 words per student for the group page excluding diagrams and references.
Page content accuracy and quality of information
Students Wiki page clearly relate to the topic of interdisciplinary health
Content on the Wiki page aligns with current best practice demonstrating
understanding of the available evidence.
Content demonstrates understanding of the topic in relation to nursing
Individual contribution to the Our Wiki Experience page demonstrates
reflection on the process of seeking information building knowledge and presenting evidence
Creativity and visual appeal of pages
Wiki page is visually appealing and engages the reader
Page content is formatted logically
Page content is not cluttered
Current credible sources used
Information included on the Wiki page is referenced to the source
Sources used are credible and contemporary
All data images tables and diagrams are referenced
Referencing APA 6th
In-text citations as per APA 6th Referencing style
Reference list as per APA 6th Referencing style
In-text citations and reference list correspond
Minimum of 4 references per individual contributor (i.e. each individual
students Wiki page must have a minimum of 4 credible academic sources for the content included. This does not include references for images tables and diagrams)



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