Film Event

The Dossier
 Within 1000 words
 Up to five (approximately) secondary sources in your references
 Can have slightly lighter tone than conventional academic essays (although
doesn’t have to), but not informal
 Not heavy footnoting (only for referencing)
 Bibliography and filmography at the end
 The filmography should reference both the film(s) part of your event and the
viewing discussed in relation to it.
 Make sure to be clear and coherent throughout the piece.
 Have balance! Make sure the paragraphs look appropriately proportioned.
 Leave out the excess. Respect the economy of the piece.
 Have a clear conclusion. Don’t limit yourself to using this space as a summary,
but add something to your final comments; make that space matter!
 Pay attention to the clear structure that maps the contents
 Directly to the point – there is no space for long premises or summaries that are
not functional to the main argument
 One clear point at the center of the piece
 Doesn’t need a proper thesis (doesn’t have to provide a solution to the issue),
but also a thorough observation and analysis
Describing: things you might consider
 What kind of event? (film festival, exhibition etc.)
 Why this event?
 How was it organized? (time, space, venue etc.)
 How was it advertised? (posters, fliers, reviews etc.)
 What was the content?
 Evidence: paratexts, images
 What type of people attended it?
 What was the degree of interaction and the role of the audience?
 Institutional information?
 How was the event funded?
 What was the aim of the event?
 What is the relationship between the event and the films/cinema?
 …
Analysing: things you might consider
 How successful was its structure?
 How does the event speak to film culture/cinema?
 How are the film texts/objects affected by the framework of the event?
 What are the politics of the film(s)/film object(s)/event?
 What is the relationship with the audience? Which audience?
 How do the institutional culture and funding inform the nature of the event?
 What do the intentions of the event seem to be?
 How does it speak to critical/theoretical/academic debates about cinema?
 …
Evaluating: things you might consider
 How do you feel in relation to the event?
 How do you evaluate its politics?
 What do you think of its relationship with the films and with cinema?
 Do you think it achieved its aims? Are those aims worthwhile?
 What does the event tell us about cinema and/or film culture?


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