Foundation Studies (Professional Environments)

Task description

Students will choose an area of their disciplinary culture for research and investigation. They will present the findings of their investigation by producing an artefact of their choice. The artefact will be supported by a written research reflection. Students will present their artefacts in an exhibition to be held in week 12.


Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate understanding of the contribution of disciplines in meeting real world challenges
  • Communicate effectively in written, visual and oral modes
  • Independently find and use relevant sources in response to set tasks
  • Demonstrate awareness of, and apply, academic conventions
  • Use technology effectively and creatively to communicate and reflect on the learning process.
  • Choose an area of your disciplinary culture to investigate. This could include one or more of the following:
    • a key concept or theory
    • a particular method or practice or behaviour
    • professional ethics and values
    • an historical event
    • a key person of influence
    • or … something of your choice that interests you to be agreed with your teacher

    Research your area for investigation, using relevant and reliable sources.

    Present the findings of your investigation by producing an artefact of your choice. This could be one of the following:

  • a poster (A1 size)
  • a video
  • an animation
  • a model
  • other (in consultation with your teacher)
  • Your artefact will be supported with a written research reflection that explains the relationship between your artefact and your investigation findings. This should follow the structure below:

  • Introduction
  • Briefly outline your artefact and your area of investigation and justify your choice of topic
  • Body 
  • Provide a research summary of at least 10 sources
  • Explain the key ideas that inspired your artefact. What did you learn about your disciplinary culture through your investigation and research? (cite sources)
  • Explain how your artefact communicates your findings.
  • Conclusion

  • As a guide, your written research reflection should be between approx. 750 – 1000 words and should include a reference list


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