Gang Violence Essay

There are many reasons as to why a juvenile might choose or is pushed to join a gang. Some of the behaviors that are seen in those involved in juvenile gangs can be described as anti-social behavior. As a juvenile justice professional, how would you work to stop these types of behaviors and stem the growth of these juvenile gangs?

Write a 23 page essay describing the nature and scope of juvenile antisocial behavior as it relates to organized gangs.

Include the following components in your essay:

In one to two paragraphs, create a real-world scenario that would explain the reasoning behind why a juvenile would choose or be pushed to join an organized gang.
Describe three of the most common forms of antisocial behavior in organized gangs.
Describe three proactive solutions to gang violence.

Note: Use at least three credible sources beyond the text material and discuss how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used.

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