Historical and Contemporary Influences on Nursing Practice

Write a 2-page paper using APA format. Include a title page and a reference page, in addition to the 2 required pages.
Take a historical look at events that have influenced the development of the nursing profession. Then take a look at what is driving the nursing profession today. Do this by answering the following questions.

Answer the following questions. Each question should be answered in 1 paragraph.
1. What is the history of race and gender in nursing practice?
2. “What if” nurses were never accepted into the military? How might this change the course of nursing history?

3. How did the feminist movement affect the nursing profession?
4. “What if” nurses never formalized nursing education?
5. Now look at the present. Which topics from Healthy People 2020 do you see “on the rise” in your area of nursing? Why?
6. Do you think the IOM report will empower nurses and improve the status of the nursing profession? Give an example.


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