How does middle range theory illuminate concepts in health and health care delivery?

How does middle range theory illuminate concepts in health and health care delivery?

A concept must met the criterion of internal consistency and be included in the research report or study. The DNP student will take an enormous amount of time to ensure the semantic clarity and structural consistency of concepts within the use of any nursing/non-nursing theory.

The selected concept is health literacy and effectively reducing unnecessary readmissions to the emergency department. Health literacy was found in numerous research studies with other related concepts. The DNP student must refine the concept search criterion and select a specific population to narrow the number of studies available for literature review and analysis.

The selected middle-range theory for the practice problem will be the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN, 2013) Synergy Model. The model represents 8 identifiable characteristic of critically ill patients and 8 competencies of nurses in a critical care situation (McEwen & Wills, 2014). The DNP student will research possible studies related to the use of this nursing theory in patient education, health literacy, and measurable outcomes.

What do you see as your particular role in developing (or evaluating) middle range theories?

According to McCurry, Hunter Revell, & Roy (2009), nursing has a social obligation to advance contemporary professional nursing knowledge in order to improve the quality of care for all of society. This must be achieved through continued evaluation and validation of theoretical models in current care practices. Theory-guided practice utilized by nurses must include a framework for accountability and transparency resulting in adapting middle-range theories (McCurry et al.).

The DNP graduate will have the knowledge and competencies in further developing or improving nursing practice changes for individuals or society. The development of personal and professional awareness of theories that is harmonious with one’s own perspective will contribute in closing the theory-practice gap ( Musker, 2011).
Why might that be important to advancing nursing science and improving clinical practice?


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