how many different searches you did, including what aspects of your search approach worked or did not work.

Search report template
Identify a searchable phenomenon, formulate a question, search for evidence, and identify a suitable original research article that addresses your question.
The phenomenon
Explain the setting, population, intervention or exposure, and why you have chosen this phenomenon to research
The question
Choose a recognized clinical question formula, explain why you have chosen this, and define the components of this formula. Identify the aspects of your phenomenon to match the components, and compose a clinical question from these components.
The search
Explain which database/s you have chosen, and why. What key terms / synonyms / search tools did you use and how did you combine these? How successful were the searches, and how did you refine these? How did you choose the article?
Attach a screenshot or image of the search history and the first page of your chosen article.
Search plan
Identify a phenomenon or aspect of nursing practice that is suitable to research; this might be from your an area of practice that you are interested in pursuing. Using the template available below,
• Describe briefly the researchable phenomenon that you have identified, including the setting, the population, and the intervention or aspect of care.
• Construct a searchable research question using a recognized clinical question formula.
• Carry out a search of the literature, and describe the search strategy you used, including
o the database/s used, and the rationale for this choice
o how your search was conducted, including search terms, Boolean/s and/or parameter/s used
o how many different searches you did, including what aspects of your search approach worked or did not work.
• Identify one original research article that supplies you with evidence to answer your question.
Please note that you need to find an ‘original research’ article for this assignment. Original research articles are written about a single study, by the people who actually did the study. If it doesn’t say it’s an original research article, there are some ways to tell: is there an abstract which sets out the details of how the study was run? (Almost every original research article has one of these). Does the paper talk about a particular study being carried out, or does it discuss lots of other people’s studies? (Original research articles will mention other studies in the introduction, but the majority of the article is about the one study that the researchers are carrying out).
Include screenshots of your search history AND the first page/abstract of the article as an appendix to your assignment.



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