I am finishing up a class and required to write a reflection paper for my final discussion

I am finishing up a class and required to write a reflection paper for my final discussion. Help me out and touch up my answers to the questions with 275 words. It was an Area Studies class which meant a lot of research.

What did you do well? What could you have done better?
A. I’m not sure I did anything well. I could have communicated with my instructor.
How has your perspective changed since the beginning of class.
A. My viewpoint of a political analyst changed. How reports are written could have positive or negative impacts on a policy makers decision.
What will you take away from the course?
A. It seem no amount of research is enough.
What did you like about the course?
A. Not much.
What worked or didn’t work in helping you learn?
A. I was not prepared for analytical language.
What did you not like in the course? What should be deleted.
A. I felt discussion assignments were no laid for a classroom conversation. It seemed the block for discussions was an avenue to put out assignments.
What would help next time?
Research topic selection begin with module one. Less about cognitive bias. Get more into qualitative and quantitative research earlier in the class. Have the instructor hand out research topics.


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