IT professionals: Project Management

This week you will create your training or user guide. Really consider your audience in this. Is your project designed to solve a problem for IT professionals? For office workers? For families? Is your project software or an app that will interact directly with an end user, or is it a computer-based system that will have an administrator as a liaison between the product and the end users? You may create this guide in any format you consider to be most appropriate and effective in relaying information to your users (e.g. website, video, documents, a Wiki, or a combination of these) Your training/user guide should consider and address the following: A detailed guide to the product or system itself Relevant diagrams and illustrations Troubleshooting information Acceptable use information/terms of use Include separate end user and administrator guide (if applicable) Remember, as you find sources and develop illustrations, you should be adding them to your appendix and resubmitting it each week with your assignment.

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