This assessment is a case study for a comparative and critical reflection on leadership.

It looks at developing a critical comparison between two leaders. The first leader must be a person under 25 who owns a business and inspires you by his work and behaviour. The second leader can by anyone but you will need to provide references to their biography/life and so on for us to assess the person and the comparison.

This assessment looks like a critical essay. It needs to be structured with an introduction, contrast, reflection, and bibliography/references.

The second leader can by any leader of your choice (you do not need to film the second leader. You will need to gather information on their leadership, vision, give examples, quotes. This must be referenced using Harvard Style

For the final essay, you need to write a 3,000 word case study presenting both leaders, contrasting their visions, achievements and development. 

The essay is divided in two sections: contrast and reflection.

The contrast section should be 1,000 words (maximum, do not exceed).  Having presented both leaders you contrast their approaches and styles.

The critical section must be 2,000 words minimum. The critical reflection needs to use course theory. You will need to provide evidence that your critical reflection is based on course content and the main textbook.

Use the Case Rubric marking style to get details of what you need to discuss in both sections.

Must use a few of the following Models of Leadership/ Theory/ Philosophy.

    Carlyle & Galton Trait Theory
    Ralph Stogdill Trait Theory
    Kouzes & Posner Trait Theory
    Douglas McGregor’s XY Theory
    Blake-Mouton’s Managerial Grid
    Kurt-Lewin’s Three Styles Model
    Bolman & Deal’s Four Frame Model
    Fiedler’s Contingency Model
    Hersey-Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model
    Robert House’s Path-Goal Theory
    Tannenbaum & Schmidt’s Leadership Behavior Continuum Model
    John Adair’s Action-Centered Leadership Model
    Kouzes & Posner Five Leadership Practices
    James Scouller’s Three Levels of Leadership Model
    Servant Leadership
    Authentic Leadership
    Ethical Leadership
    Values-based Leadership
    French & Raven’s Five Forms of Power
    Bureaucratic Leadership
    Charismatic Leadership
    Narcissistic Leadership
    Transformation Leadership & Transactional Leadership

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