Linguistics Sample Research Summary

If you are applying to the linguistics program, please also provide a sample research summary (maximum length: 3 pages): In addition to the information about your goals and accomplishments that we can learn from your statement of purpose and writing sample, the Linguistics Program would like to learn more about how you approach scientific questions and puzzles. To this end, your application should also include a short summary of one of the research projects or problems discussed in your writing sample. The summary should cover the following points in a compact and logically transparent way: 1. What questions does your project attempt to answer? 2. Why do you find these questions interesting? 3. How does the project try to answer these questions? 4. What questions remain open (or are likely to remain open) at the conclusion of the project? What might you do next, and why? As an alternative, you may also propose a project that you have not undertaken, if you have thought about it with enough depth and care to answer the questions listed above. The summary should be understandable and engaging to an educated reader who is not necessarily a specialist in the area of the project. The described project does not need to reflect actual goals or plans for doctoral research (and need not be a project in linguistics).

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