Management Assignment: Organizational Structure

Management Assignment: Organizational Structure

You are required to investigate & analyse topics appropriate to the structure & functions of any organisation of your choice.

Present your findings as attractively as possibly. Use graphs, tables etc. and any other medium you view as appropriate.

Your findings must be presented in 1.5 line spacing, font size 12. Must include reference your findings and include a bibliography.


1. History & Size of the organisation

  • When was the organisation established?
  • How large is the building? Can a photo be taken, a sketch?
  • How many staff is employed, how many are male/ female?
  • What goods/ services does the business offer?
  • Are there branches nationally/internationally? Please specify.

2. Organisational structure

  • Could you provide me with an organisational chart of the staff?
  • Is there a flat or tall hierarchy?
  • Discuss the span of control and chain of command
  • What are the functions of the staff mentioned on the organisational chart?
  • List all the departments and there functions in the organisation

3. Ownership

  • Who owns the business? Describe the pros and cons of the type of organisation.
    (Sole trader, Partnership, Private Company, Public company, Friendly Society, State Body or Semi-State Body, Franchise etc.)
  • Is there a board of directors?
  • How is the shareholding split?
  • Has the business got a: Certificate of Incorporation or A trading certificate?
  • What general category of finance was used to set up the business?
  • What is the mission statement of the organisation?

4. Organisational Structures

  • Discuss the purpose of SWOT and PEST analysis
  • Complete a SWOT and PEST analysis of the business.

5. Conclusion/Evaluation

  • What are the efficiencies & inefficiencies of the organisations?
  • How can the inefficiencies be improved upon?


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