Market efficiency and EMH

market efficiency and EMH

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Assignment Brief:

The ideas, frameworks and theories surrounding the relationship Stock

market efficiency and EMH have been subject to extensive scrutiny over

the last 50 years especially by technical and fundamental analysts.

You are to

(i) Review the fundamental features of the Market efficiency

(advised 600 words max) (Max mark 20%)

(ii) Critically appraise the effectiveness of the model in the 21st

century (advised 800 words max) (Max mark 30%)

(iii) Critically discuss and compare the findings from your own

analysis with those from previous studies discussed in

(ii) above (advised 800 words max)

(Max mark 20%)

(iv) Reach conclusion (advised 400 words)

Max word limit is 2,600 words

(v) You are expected to create 2 portfolios of shares-at least 12

shares each – and monitor their daily performance over a 12

month period. The objective of this study is to determine if the

portfolio supports the concept of fundamentalism in that

certain portfolios can beat the market – mainly value effects,

and size effects.

(Max mark 10%)

You are expected to select companies from the FTSE 100 on the basis of

small-cap effects, P/E ratios, B/M ratios, etc and compare with the return

on the FTSE index for the same period of time. Detailed information will

be provided in a seminar.

Word length maximum 2,600+ tables and diagrams.

The assignment must be word processed with an appropriate front

sheet. Your work will not be marked if you do not include a Front sheet.

The assignment should be doubled-spaced and in font-size 12.

Please note that your work will be penalised for poor presentation and

incomplete or poor referencing.

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