Media Porfolio

“media portfolio”

about chapter 1 to 15 

from the book 

 Ciccarelli, S., & White, J. (2017). Psychology (5th Edition), Pearson. 

which can include 


magazine clippings

, and other media

that illustrate 

psychological concepts covered in this course.


It is encouraged to be creative as possible and consider a wide variety of 

sources which include: newspapers, magazines, editorials, advice and 

medical columns, cartoons, etc. The sky is the l



A minimum of 15 clippings

should be included and should cover each 


in the text book 

(Chapters 1 through 15).


Each clipping should be explained by providing the source and how it is 

related to a particular psychological concept, theory, or research finding 

from the text or class lectures.


Sources should be in APA format!

Each “media clipping” should be on letter sized (8 ½ x 11) sized paper, 

Paper can colored, etc…be creative!

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