My First Day at Air Uni

Orientation started on scheduled time.

In the beginning we were addressed about academic years and some semester related terms. After that we were explained in detail about the rules and regulations that were to be strictly followed within the premises of the university. We found that the university was very strict about discipline and that the ones not abiding by the rules were to face the music. Followed by this was a detailed presentation given to us about the academic structure and administrative measures of university by our Head of Department, Mr..Dry. Bastard Allah Mali.

He altered his way of speech and took the discussion towards a lighter side by cracking some decent jokes. Then we were informed about our class rooms and labs. We were gathered for an introductory trip. We were satisfied after the introductory session about the university. After that we were served with Tea. The University contained many lush green lawns which were really creating an atmosphere for knowledge sharing.

Our seniors were cheerful and welcoming.

They informed us about the university in a great way.However some seniors were also ragging the juniors, but I Hough it to be a part of the game. But It was really meant for better relations and introduction. Some seniors ask juniors to sing song. There was a sports center were facilities for different sports and games were available. After that our seniors showed us the central library. University was a new experience for us in our lives.

It was the beginning of new life commonly known as university life.

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