Note: Please check the syllabus for all assignment due dates

Week 1 Written Assignment INTRODUCING THE KU ONLINE LIBRARY AND THE WRITING STUDIO WITH RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT for PARAPHRASING STEP 1: On the Course Home Page click on Student Resources. In the Student Resources site click on the Library buttons and learn more about the library. Please note the telephone numbers which you may call if you need Library assistance. STEP 2: Upon completion of your research into our Online Library, log into the Library. Do a search to find one peer reviewed, academic/scholarly journal article of interest to you on one of the following topics: Organizational Change Management Organizational Communication Organizational Conflict Resolution Organizational Culture Organization Design Organizational Leadership Theories of Motivation Find the scholarly article in the Proquest/ABI Inform or EBSCO database on your chosen topic and read it. Review resources/handouts in your Start Here course resources folder on how to find academic articles. In the same area you will also find a key word search tutorial. Contact our librarians if you have trouble finding what you need. Our librarians are knowledgeable, friendly, and there to help you! STEP 3: Next go to to learn to borrow from a source without plagiarizing. For more information on paraphrasing, as well as other ways to integrate sources into your paper, see the Purdue OWL handout Quoting Paraphrasing, and Summarizing. For more information about writing research papers, see the OWL’s resource on this subject. Keiser University students will want to make sure that they are familiar with KU’s official academic dishonesty policy as well as any additional policies that their professor has implemented. For example, for this class NO QUOTES are allowed. Another good resource for understanding plagiarism is the Statement on Plagiarism from the Council of Writing Program Administrators. STEP 4: Go to the KU Online Writing Studio at to learn more about this amazing resource offered to students. Download the Writing Studio form from either the web site or your getting Started link > Course resources folder in your Blackboard classroom. Save the file to your computer. THE ASSIGNMENT: For the week 1 written assignment: Write a 1-2 paragraph summary and 1-2 paragraph review of your chosen academic article found at the KU online library. Write a summary and review of the article in your own words and in APA. Remember: No quotes are allowed in any of your assignments for this class. Paraphrase all citing your sources both in-text as well as at work’s end. Use your APA manual listed in the syllabus as a required book for this course to ensure your citing is correct. If you have not ordered your APA manual do so now from the KU Online bookstore at If you have never written a review, use the resources located in your Getting Started link > Course Resources in the Blackboard classroom to guide you in the process. Also, review the steps for writing a review at You are encouraged to submit your review FIRST to the Writing Studio before submission to the class for grading. The following videos will be helpful for this assignment: Library Log in: username: 1733919 Password: cynthia

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