Oedipus The King

Oedipus The King

Is Oedipus like a rat trapped in a maze, or is he merely the victim of bad luck? Is he doomed to fulfill the prophecy he receives from Apollo no

matter how he twists and turns, or could he have escaped it by making a different choice at some point in his life?

Don’t forget the Introduction! Your thesis is the last sentence of the introduction, which has two primary purposes: To interest the reader and

to provide a brief context for your thesis, thus enabling you to express your assertion in a single sentence. In a six to seven-page paper, the

introduction should be roughly half-a-page long (11 to 14 lines).

Avoid generalizations, and refer frequently to the texts to back up your argument, but quote only when the words of a passage are absolutely

necessary to the point you are making. Otherwise, use paraphrase or summary. Any quotes you do use must be very short. When you are citing passages

in the Bible, use the following form: Book, chapter, verse; eg. Gen 5:8. Cite the Odyssey by book and line, e.g. 1.317, and Oedipus and Antigone by


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