Organizational Communication

6 page paper that identifies and discusses how you will apply organizational communication strategies and practices studied during COMU 410 by discussing three (3) insights gained into being an effective communicator, your assessment of how the application of each can enhance your success professionally and/or academically, and your action plan to apply each insight. The paper should be specific; your grade will be determined by how well you demonstrate understanding of effective organizational communication. While the paper focuses your personal learning and application, it must be based on course concepts and supported by 3 or more academic sources. Organizational Communication Application Paper Guidelines In preparing your paper, reflect and respond to the following: Insights Gained: What were the three most valuable insights gained into effective organizational communication practices during COMU 410? Using your text and/or other expert sources, define, describe and connect each insight gained to effective organizational communication. Insight Assessment: Why are the three insights gained into effective organizational communication valuable in enhancing your success professionally and/or academically? How has your behavior and/or thinking changed to integrate your learning? Action Plan: What specific action(s) will you take to apply each insight gained to enhance your professional and/or academic effectiveness? How does each action connect to the insight, and what is the desired outcome?

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