Our Learning Outcome for this assignment are as follows:

1. Analyse and interpret the diverse socio-cultural context in which global companies operate. 2. Analyse and compare organisational behaviour across countries and cultures. 4. Critically evaluate major cultural attributes, including communication styles, to inform management decision making. The instructions as are as follows: Students will develop: 1) a research question related to a current global issue or trend facing managers across international jurisdictions and; 2) write 5 review summaries [200-300 words each] on research-based academic journal articles outlining their relevance to the issue, nature of the research (sample, methods, analysis) and key findings and implications for managers. As stated in class please find articles that have been written from 2015 onward. Use your best articles for the annotated bibliography and add more for the second part which is the essay, you can use add old literature in your essay (not annotated bibliography). Refer to Moodle on how to write a research question and an annotated bibliography MGT 604-TOPICS Topic 1: Intro to cross-cultural management / assessing the global environment Topic 2: Understanding cultural dimensions (1) Topic 3: Understanding cultural dimensions (2) Topic 4: Ethics and social responsibility Topic 5: Cross-cultural communication process Topic 6: Cross-cultural negotiations and decision making Topic 7: Strategy for global operations Topic 8: Organisational structures and control for overseas expansion Topic 9: International human resource management Topic 10: Expatriation and repatriation management Topic 11: Leadership and motivation in the global context Topic 12: Managing multicultural global teams Topic 13: Business environments in emerging economies

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