personal Autobiographical Profile analysis


There are several things that make up my life and exude my true character in various situations. Thus, the main features that determine whom I am include my talents, goals in life, interests that intrigue me, my strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the achievements that I have collected over the years also impact me in various ways and shape my personality. As such, my persona determines how I interact with people and deal with varying situations in life such as problems, joyous moments, sad instances, and serious occasions. In every category of the factors that shape my life, for example, strengths, there are various aspects that fuel or hinder my true persona. However, control is a vital character to uphold in order to have a proper grip of the situation I may be in, despite everything that is happening.

Goals guide me on how I execute different things in my life, especially my education and future career. I perceive the goals in my life as an end that justifies my means of achieving the desired things in my future. Thus, I use goals to determine my current way of doing things, such as studying, and preparing my thoughts to be in line with my targets. For example, one of my goals in life is to excel in my studies by achieving exemplary grades in all areas. Therefore, I always work hard and diligently at school to turn these goals into a reality. I realized that this is a characteristic that is always evident in me when I want something in life; I set my mind to achieve it despite the odds.

Indeed, I may have various goals at hand, but achieving them may be the challenge. However, determining what I want in my future is the initial step I undertake and use it to forge my way forward. Goals in my life are relevant to the situation I am in and serve a crucial purpose, for example, I plan to work towards a successful career. This is relevant to the present stage of my life, and I will work towards achieving exemplary grades that will guarantee me a good job. Moreover, as I work to join the desirable career of choice in the future, my goals determine how I work towards achieving my dreams. In this case, I will have to work towards achieving high grades in school, joining the right graduate school, undertaking my dream course and joining the desired company. Hence, my goals dictate how I work towards achieving the best things in life.

I have various strengths in life that often determine how I behave, interact with people, and execute various activities. Working hard is something that has been instilled in me since I was young; hence, I have high interests in completing work as expected and within the stipulated time. Promoting diligence in my work is something that I perceive as a strength in my life and use it to my advantage to accomplish various duties. I am always determined to meet my work’s expectations by promptly following the instructions and observing time. This helps me remain focused in life, and when the work is assigned, for example, by my tutors, I ensure that I complete it to their expectations. In turn, the relationship between people and I is maintained at a good status void of any disappointments from either of the involved parties.

Resilience is yet another characteristic that is well displayed in my life as among the strengths I possess. I have patience towards other people and in all my work. For instance, the goals in my life are best accomplished by using adequate time to work on them. Taking the time to complete something is essentially necessary since I accomplish the desired goals, and uphold quality. Being keen to details is an addition to the strengths I have in my life and highly implement it in all that I do to ensure that I comprehend everything. I am particulate when working on anything, may it be my schoolwork or extracurricular activities, where I take my time to study something carefully. In turn, I execute all my duties, with the precision and standards they deserve in order to avoid instances where I am forced to repeat the finished work.

As much as I have various strengths in my life, I also exude different weaknesses that affect me in various ways. For example, I work too much, which I find at times being unhealthy and unwise in my life. Indeed, working over an extended period is of invaluable benefit, but it has its setbacks that affect me adversely. For example, I find that I am too fatigued to do anything upon completing my work. Consequently, this is unhealthy, and I may end up suffering at the expense of working hard, which is unnecessary and avoidable. Sometimes, this happens without my knowledge, and when I feel tired, I realize that I overworked.

At times, I may be controlling and inpatient, which are both my weaknesses, especially when working with other people. I do try to understand that other people are not as fast and efficient as I am, but occasionally, my patience runs out, and I demand more than I can get. For instance, when working on a project or a piece of work, I expect that everyone’s input be concurrent with or more than mine. It is unfortunate that not everyone can meet my demands or keep up with my working pace. In addition, I tend to push for people to make an extra effort, which at times turns out to be demanding and controlling. As much as it is satisfactory to me for people to work in my pace, it is unfair to other people.

I am very aggressive when working on the various duties I have and when in need of help, I seek help with someone who is willing to assist me. In the course of seeking help from another person, I may display arrogance, especially when in need of vital resources useful in my work. I value my work and acquiring the required information is my topmost priority, regardless of being aggressive, which is rude to some people.

I perceive myself as a talented individual bearing various skills that I highly view as advantages in my life. Firstly, I am a talented soccer player where I mainly play as a defender for my home area team. My talent in playing soccer came to be at a very tender age of 7 when my parents advised me to take up the sport as part of my extracurricular activity. Since then, my talent in the sport has been on a developing trend with passion being a key driver. Being an Arab, English and French languages are all new to me, but I have taken the time to learn and master them. As such, I find being a multilingual individual an additional talent that I possess, display and use in my life. It also makes interaction with people easy and helps in communicating with individuals from various cultural backgrounds. Indeed, English and French are both second languages to me, but I have taken appropriate measures to improve on them extensively.

In addition to taking up additional languages and playing soccer, I am also a talented artist. My artisanship lies in the field of drawing where I have found passion in sketching buildings and cities. My work of art relies on the inspiration I gather from my surroundings and imaginations. For example, in high school, I drew a picture of future buildings I would want to see in a city. In this piece of work, the art was inspired by my dreams of having an exquisite city and living in it.

Over the years, various institutions have recognized my work by awarding me different rewards. The artwork I displayed while in high school about the future buildings won me an award in recognition of my creativity, in drawing. In turn, this spurred up an inspirational feeling that has encouraged me to pursue art as a hobby. I also won several awards and trophies together with my soccer team back at home. It always felt good when receiving awards for the team efforts while playing soccer against other local teams. Sequentially, the team was always motivated to work harder and build on more cohesion among the players. In addition, I developed a sense of being a productive team player willing to work with others without causing interferences. Education has always played a vital role in my life, and the recognitions that have followed my success have encouraged me to continue pursuing it. Diplomas, both from high school and college are all essential as proof of successfully completing my courses in these institutions.

My life encompasses a combination of many things, but the most important factor is to uphold all the above mentioned aspects. It is a tough task to focus on my strengths and work on my weaknesses, for example, but with zeal and determination, I can sustain all of them. In addition, they are all aspects that help me through life and make me a better person than I was. It is my aim to sustain usefulness in the society; hence, I work diligently to uphold desirable and wanted characteristics when interacting with other people. Indeed, there are some aspects in my life that may make people resent my presence, but when interacting with them, I am meticulous enough to display attractive characteristics. I strongly believe in creating harmony among people and always strive to achieve it by being cooperative and peaceful with everyone I interact with in my life. I not only value the people around me but also my work, to which I fully dedicate my efforts and determination. I am not perfect, and where I make mistakes I am willing to rectify and forge forward void of any additional mishaps.








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