Personality Tests Anyone Amiliar With This?

Personality Test (1 of 2) Choose one type of personality test that you read about and apply it to a specific population by describing a specific person who might be your client in a clinical setting. For example, if I choose a 65-year-old Hispanic female who has been a housewife for her adult years, I might choose the 16 PF, which is more useful as a descriptor of human behavior than the MBTI, which might be more suitable for a 30-year-old African American who is wanting to move up the career ladder. Be sure to discuss your client in enough detail so classmates get a picture of the situation, why you chose that assessment, and why the one you chose is better than others that you learned about in Chapter 9. Be sure to include the ethical considerations of using the test you chose with your client. Objective and Projective tests (2 of 2) Choose 1 objective and 1 projective personality test that is different from the one you chose in the first thread, and discuss the benefits and limitations to the tests you chose. There are many tests that you read about this week Some examples of the tests are: Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI) Sixteen Personality Factors Questionnaire (16 PF) The Big Five Personality Traits The Thematic Apperception Test Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 or the MMPI-2 NEO PI-R Personality Inventory

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