This is my requirement and all the detail I need total of 4 pages, including the abstract. APA style in psychology format.

Jacby, Kelly , brown and Jasechko (1989) conducted an experiment investigating the “false fame effect”. in there study, they presented participants with a list of non-famous names and then determined if any of these names would mistakenly be called famous ( false fame effect) when asked to identify famous names from a list of non-famous evidence of a false fame effect when there was a delay between the name presentations and when they identified famous names, but not when the testing was immediate.

We conducted an experiment ro further examine the conditions under which the false fame effect occurs. In our study, we examined delay between the name presentation and fame identification task. We also examine the effect that the level of fame associated with the famous names had an false fame effect. Several numbers from the class participated in this experiments. Equal numbers of participants (or as close as possible ) were assigned to each of four conditions. All of this information was entered into spss data file. And you and your partner will conduct the appropriate analysis on the data. Be sure to think about the hypothesis before conduct the analyses.

After analyses the data, you and your partner will complete a APA write up of experiments. Only write up the Abstract and introduction, also include method part and Reference page.

For the introduction, you need to use minimum of 3 article to serve the background . One of the must be Jacoby, L. L., Kelley, C., Brown, J., & Jasechko, J.  (1989).  doi: 10.1037/0022-3514.56.3.326. For introduction, please state the experimental hypotheses in the end of introduction. For method section, there is total of 76 participants, 66 are female , 10 are male, 67 of them are from psychology class, mean age is 20.34, there are total of 20 famous name present in power point. The experiment did in classroom, and professor bring a cup that have many stick inside which labeled 1, 2 3 4, and every pick 1 stick. To decide which group you are in. and the each group will get the different handout to fill in. The participants will required to answer the question in handout and also circle the name in handout which you think it is famous. There are total of 4 groups. Following is the data we have

Delay – no delay, 45 minute delay

Level of fame – low fame, high fame

Fame delay proportion of previously presented names called famous total of 76 particpants

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