Psychology Assignment

Most people can benefit from a professional development plan. This plan acts as a tool that can be used to focus, evaluate, and prioritize personal or professional development activities. Elements may include aspirations and goals, interests and activities, and a history of previously completed activities. An individualized plan usually details goals, the resources needed to gain new skills, and the expected outcome. As an educational psychologist professional, you may be called upon to write a professional development plan for yourself, or you may need to advise teachers or others who may be required to submit professional development plans.

Assignment (2–3 pages)

Develop a detailed outline for your professional development plan.

  • Specify two short-term and two long-term education goals.
  • Explain your career aspirations.
  • Analyze your research and writing interests.
  • Describe professional organizations in which you might be interested in becoming a member.
  • Devise two ways you might promote self-care (e.g., manage stress) in your role as an educational psychologist professional.
  • Explain two ways educational psychology informs your professional development plan.

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