Question 1 Word limit (200 words)

Question 1 Word limit (200 words) & require min 3 references List two companies that practice sustainability marketing and justify why you choose to discuss these two companies when many other companies are also practicing sustainability marketing. What are the ‘unique practice’ of the two companies you listed. Question 2 Word limit (200 words) require min 3 references The design of sustainability communication is critical to communicate the sustainability agendas of the organisation to the consumers. Describe the campaign(s) of two brands that in your point of view effectively captured the sustainability features that could most affect the consumers. Question 3 Word limit (200 words)require min 3 references Identify two examples of sustainability-oriented innovation and discuss the implication of this innovation. Explain if you would classify the sustainable oriented innovation examples as marketing or management based practice. Questions 4 Word limit (200 words) require min 3 references While huge number of studies support that sharing economy provides a potential pathway towards sustainability, some studies have cast doubts on the sharing economy’s environmental effectiveness and intrinsic sustainability. Identify two problems/potential problem in sharing economy and provide recommendation within the interest of sustainability to overcome those issues. Questions 5 Word limit (200 words) require min 3 references Click on the following link or cut and paste it in your web browser and answer the following question Science Mapping of the Knowledge Base on Sustainable Leadership, 1990–2018 List two examples in which the leaders have nurtured sustainable mindset in the organisation.

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