question:Analysis & Discussion

– This section is heart of your report. In this section you are required to construct the arguments and provide a detail discussion about: (Subsection 7.1) FIVE issues your group have identified within the topic assigned to your group and critically analyse the role of accountant in each issue. Discuss each issue individually. Clearly explain why your group consider them as key issues, why they need to be addressed now, what are the implications of these issues for the accounting profession (including society and community). (Subsection 7.2) Using the information provided to you by the industry partners from week 2 to week 5 and in consultation with the industry partner relevant to your accounting field, investigate the following THREE research questions within your Group Project Area: what are the factors that influence an organisation’s work practice and expectations of an accounting professional? how does an accounting professional engage with the community to add value to stakeholders and oneself? What are the strategies and development tools that are appropriate for an accounting professional to sustain a competitive advantage in terms of employment and level of competence? In this section you may include tables, figures, sidebars, charts and graphs to highlight key points. AGAIN – please note that the responses to these 3 research questions should be relevant to your group project area ONLY. Conclusions and recommendations – While writing conclusion of your report, clearly explain what is being done to overcome the issues your group identified in point 7and what further needs to be done (in terms of additional resources, training, legislations, accounting standards etc) by multiple stakeholder to minimise the impact of these issues. ive provided documents of what we have done so far,X

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