Readmisson to graduate program

I had life events which ultimately resulted in me failing my graduate classes at my college. To appeal this, I need to write a letter with my justification. I can provide answers for all the questions they want answered. I just need it structured.
The email read: Your statement should include the personal, professional, or educational reasoning behind the dismissal, the grades, what assistance you reached out for (example: Grade Forgiveness Waivers, repeat courses, etc.), and anything else you feel is necessary to explain your educational history. Its also important to include personal, professional, or educational accomplishments that were achieved during or since the low GPA. To wrap your letter up, its recommended to include why your past grades do not reflect your current or future academic ability, and how ERAU can help fulfill your educational goals. In short, you want to include the key parts of why you feel your academic past will not reflect your future with Embry-Riddle. These items do not guarantee admission into Embry-Riddle; however, they help the committee understand the reasoning behind your previous educational history.

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