Sociological Investigation

Sociological Investigation

The outcomes of Sociological research are literally around us every day. When we see an article telling us that more men are helping with housework in 2015 than in 1960 or that employers would rather hire a White man with a criminal record before they hire a more qualified Black man without one (both are real and recent studies) we are reading sociological research. To get you used to identify and thinking critically about these studies. Find current news of reports on a sociological study. It can be on any topic. Post it along with your response and, using the concepts in the chapter, identify:
1. The dependant and in dependant variables in the study
2. Questions you might have about the reliability or validity of the study.
3. What alternative reasons could you think of for the outcome of this study? (AKA Spurious Correlation)
Here is an example of an article you might use, this one gets pretty detailed, and its ok to find one that isnt as scientific as long as it provides enough information for your analysis.


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