1. In the last 20 years there have been major changes in the media: Facebook, blogs, and You Tube are just a few examples. How do you think these media have changed our culture – both material and non-material parts of our culture? Explain if you think various social media forms have made people more connected or less connected? Identify some Intended – Short-term & Long-term consequences, and Unintended – Short-term & Long-term consequences of social media on our lives? Why do you think some countries limit or ban some of these media?
  2. Research any one different culture and find traditions and beliefs within that culture that are different from yours. Discuss the similarities & differences in material and non-material parts of both the cultures. Do not forget to include the similarities and differences between both the cultures’ beliefs on Health & Illness. Explain any specifications that you need to pay attention to while caring for patients from this culture.
  3. Pick any one subculture within the U.S., such as the deaf, prison, bikers, goth, etc. and explain why it is called a ‘subculture.’ Why did it come into social existence and what utility does it serve to the group members? What are the similarities and the differences between the subculture you picked and the dominant/mainstream culture you live in? Explain any specifications that you need to pay attention to while caring for patients from this subculture.
  4. What is ‘consumer culture?’ How does media influence consumerism? Discuss at least 2 examples, either from your own life or society in general, that fit the definition of consumer culture.

1 of those 2 questions should be either Question #2 or Question #3.

150+ words, APA,

pick 2 questions, Ebook provided

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