state what your literature review adds to the body of nursing knowledge.

Literature Review :Does clinical debriefing in Emergency Departments help reduce work related stress for Nurses Working in the Emergency Department?
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critique of the 5 peer-reviewed articles. Please See Attched and Include
• a brief introduction reiterating your research question and the purpose of the literature review
• a synopsis of the methodologies used in your five articles
• a presentation of the common themes that emerged from your critique of the articles
• agreements and disagreements within the articles
• an evaluation of the conclusions and recommendations presented in the articles
• commentary on the relevance of this review to your context of paediatric nursing, i.e. the answer to your research question
• a conclusion that addresses potential areas of practice review/development
• state what your literature review adds to the body of nursing knowledge.
Articles to be used for review:
Ross-Adjie, G.M., Occupational stress in the ED: what matters to nurses? Australasian emergency nursing journal, 2007. 10(3): p. 117-123.
Theophilos, T., et al., Debriefing critical incidents in the paediatric emergency department: current practice and perceived needs in Australia and New Zealand. Emergency Medicine Australasia, 2009. 21(6): p. 479-83.
Magyar, J. and T. Theophilos, Review article: Debriefing critical incidents in the emergency department. Emergency Medicine Australasia, 2010. 22(6): p. 499-506.
Adeb-Saeedi, J. Stress amongst Emergency Nurses. Australian Emergency Nursing Journal, 2002. 5 (2): p:19-24.
Tuckey, M.R., Issues in the debriefing debate for the emergency services: Moving research outcomes forward. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 2007. 14(2): p. 106-116.



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